Monday, July 25, 2011

What's New

Well I can't tell you EVERYTHING, but I will dish. I've made some changes in my life. I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago. He's now my room mate in addtion to the other room mate. I moved my room right next to my son's and let my ex have the master bedroom. Why still live together? Well, it's a 3 year lease, he walks the dogs and is a very good friend. So it's the opposite of Three's Company, 2 men and a woman.
If you follow me on Twitter or Face Book, you have seen I recently took a trip to The Bay Area to my brother's. He and my sister are my two best friends, so we were one short but we had a great time. I brought my son's Skippy Jon Jones along on my road trip. While I was up north my laptop exploded and I'm still in the process of exorcising the demons from my desktop PC. So now I am typing on a teeny tiny Dell I'm in love with because it works.
I have been working with Jules of We have been video blogging or "vlogging" together. We work well together and we are becoming great friends. Please visit her site to check out our Vlog-isodes. We have chemistry and we think we are quite funny.
I started a Box Wine Book club on face book. I am currently in therapy to work on growing my spine after years of playing a door mat. I thought, "what a great idea to share the books I'm reading". So, I posted a book I had started reading. The more I read the more it became about my walk with Jesus and less about my journey. Hey, I love Jesus. he was all about caring for the sick and all, but that has nothing to do with my spine regeneration. So, that's the last time I do a book club about a book I'm in the process of reading. I'm changing the book to Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. I've read it, it's wonderful and I can't wait to talk about it on Face Book with anyone who has or is reading it.
I have set two new goals. The first is to allow myself to be me. Yes, I'm just going to "be" for a while. I never quite got over my divorce as far as being on my own for a while so other than the occasional friend with benefits, no relationships for me. My second goal is to get into shape and have an ass almost as well sculpted as Shakira's. I say almost because let's face it, that woman has got a fine backside. It's good to have goals.
How will I do it you ask? Well the first goal will involve reading and learning about setting boundaries.For example, I used to expect the worst from people so that I would never be disappointed. It turns out that was a very bad idea. I'm going to expect the best. So far, I like this approach much better. I have a lot to learn about myself and life and I look forward to the personal growth, which I hope never stops. I will acheive my second goal by Yoga and Zumba. My motivation is to post some hot pictures of me- fully clothed of course. After looking through photo albums from the last 10 years, I have few very good pictures of just me. I though it would help motivate me if I felt like skipping Zumba class and so far, it's working.
I am also working with someone to rebuild my blog. Most of my energy will be spent putting that together so please forgive me for my fewer postings. I do appreciate everyone who takes time from their busy day to read my 2 cents. I am very grateful.
So, now that you are up to speed, please visit my Face Book page and answer my question of the day. Thanks again for reading and raising awareness of Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, Autoimmune diseases and my quest for a backside like Shakira's.